Malls & Retail

Customer counts are essential retail intelligence. Retail traffic counts enable you to adjust staffing for peak shopping hours, judge the suitability of your store location, and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising. In addition to people counters for foot traffic, we can also supply traffic counters to monitor parking lots.

Libraries & Museums

Accurate patron counts are a must for libraries and museums. Visitor counts provide the information your institution needs for funding requests, budgeting and allocation of staff.

Casinos & Gaming

Monitor visitor counts to optimize staffing. Compare your visitor statistics with spending, and compare visitor numbers with game popularity. Use people counter statistics to verify effectiveness of incentive programs.

Parks & Trails

Monitor trail usage patterns to assist in planning. Get accurate visitor numbers to support requests for funding. Invest in your trail network where it will have the most benefit. Assign staffing and maintenance based on usage, including daily and seasonal peaks.